Tartu City tour

Are you visiting Tartu for the first time? Maybe your partners have some free time? A friend is visiting you? Let’s take a pleasant walk in Tartu city center!


TARTU CITY TOUR. Duration: 1,5-2 hours.

You will see:
1. Town Hall square (Tartu null point, Town Hall, fountain, Kissing Students sculpture, the Leaning House)
2. ex Stone Bridge, today – the Arch bridge.
3. Barclay de Tolley monument
4. Pirogov square
5. Angel’s bridge
6. Old Observatory
7. Old Anatomicum
8. Devil’s bridge
9. Ruins of the Cathedral – former UT library
10. Hill of kisses; the sacrifice stone
11. Monuments for prof. Morgenstein and prof. Baer
12. Monument for Swedish king Gustav II Adolph
13. the main building of Tartu university
14. St. John’s church

… and much more smaller objects on the way, Tartu’s history and present, stories and quizzes.

The map of the route:Tartu zemelapis:



Some pictures:

Town Hall square

The Leaning house

Kissing Students sculpture

St. John’s church

Tartu university


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